Travel with Trivia

Tourivia is a free-to-play mobile game that combines classic trivia fun with the thrill of sharing your travels with friends. Explore seven categories of trivia with photos from all over the world. Compete against other players in gameplay leaderboards and photo popularity. Find like-minded travelers, share your photos, comment.

Test Your Knowledge

Spin the wheel and explore seven categories of trivia and geography photography from all over the world. Face off against other players in classic and challenge matches.

Share Your Discoveries

Upload your own travel photography using our in-game camera or image share straight from your phone to create your own question and answer quizzes for other players to guess.

Connect with Fellow Explorers

Find like-minded travelers, share your photos, comment on other players?photos, and collect your favorites!

Challenge Your Friends

Test your knowledge against friends and other players in competitive leaderboards and photo popularity challenges.