Recover the Dragon Stone

Eons ago the powerful Dragon Deimos discovered the Dragon Stone, which he used to command and corrupt all of the known elements: earth, wind, fire, water, and many more unknown to the races of Elves and Dragons. Then Deimos disappeared. Now rumors of his return as the Dragon King have spread across the different elemental planes. Can you fight your way to the center of the galactic labyrinth and defeat this all-powerful menace once and for all?

Design Your Islands

Build a home for all of the Dragons in the galaxy. Discover the mysteries of your personal Dragon island as you continue to expand and open gateways to other dimensions. Visit your friends and help them hatch new legendary Dragons or find some long-lost ancient treasure buried on their floating fantasy home.

Become a Dragon Trainer

Raise over 50+ unique Dragons! Train each scaly beast with new abilities from the newly hatched baby Dragon to an epic adult Dragon. Discover hidden strengths never before seen in the Battle Hatchers. It's up to you to unlock the true potential of each of your Dragons through your decisions as a Trainer.

Fight in the Arena

Battle other players in the Arena for glory and exclusive skill rewards! Head to the Wizard's Tower to study and come up with new skills for your Dragons to use in combat! Test out your customized skills in the dungeon or in your adventure across the universe!

Breed Hybrid Dragons

The power of the elements is at your command! Mix elements together to create entirely new Dragons. Choose your favorite Dragons to breed and see if you can hatch a new favorite magic monster. New Dragons are being found every day in the galaxy. Will you be the first to name a new species?


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